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 Welcome to the Micro-Webhosting (Empire) section.

Here you can register to host a small, free, website on:


  Unlike other sites that provide templates, builders, and other "easy build" tools, that actually limit your expressive website, you have, for the most part, unrestricted access to building your own basic website.

  If you don't know how to build your own website, you are in luck. Microsoft has made some great web authoring tools in the past and has decided to give them away for free.

   All you need to do is register, delete your sites default files, upload your own, and your site is live.

   Make sure your landing page is either index.htm, index.html, or index.php. This way the system knows which page you want your visitors to start on.

   Please don't do anything illegal on this our server. If we have to, we will report your I.P. address to the proper authorities.

  If you need more space than what is provided, send a message and maybe we can work something out, for a very low fee..  like..  a dollar. Contact:


   To download the free website making tool "Front Page" click the link below:

Click Here To Download "Front Page" (Windows)



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