What about Dinky?

So… You found Dinky..

You wanna play with Dinky, huh?

Well.. Here’s what Dinky does…

Dinky is a rinky dink search engine.

Pretty much un-monitored…

Pretty much automatic..

You just type what you are looking for in the search bar..

And you might get a result.

But.. only if other users submitted information pertaining to what you are looking for.

Dinky don’t crawl..

Dinky ain’t a spider..

Dinky stays put and does what dinky is told to do.

You want Dinky to do something for you?

You gotta tell Dinky what you want Dinky to do.

You click that ” Submit Site ” button and fill out the form..

And Dinky is going to wait right here hoping someone asks Dinky.

That don’t mean we will let you hurt Dinky..


If you abuse Dinky.. We will tell Dinky to forget you.

If you abuse Dinky too much.. We won’t let you visit Dinky anymore.

So treat Dinky nicely..