"One Year Advertising For One Dollar!"

  This site provides a side service called "Banners4ABuck".

  Many areas of this site display randomized banners that are 120 pixels by 120 pixels on the side menu.

  Your banner could be included in the "Banners4ABuck" service and could be seen by visitors to the site.

How to have your banner included:

   Attach your desired banner to the E-Mail.
   Banners must be 120x120 pixles.
   GIF, JPG, and PNG file formats are accepted.

   Include the link you want visitors to go to when they click your banner.

   Your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted with an approval or denial notice,.
   If approved, you will be given instructions on how to submit your payment for your banner.
   Don't forget to include the code you will be given with your payment, it helps verify orders.

   Each banner costs $1.00 payable by Paypal.
   You can submit as many banners, or the same banner multiple times.
   Some content restriction applies (Nudity, Illegal activity, etc.)
   Custom time restrictions may apply to other content (Political, etc.)

   When a year has passed, the banner will be removed from the system.

Questions and Answers:

   Question: Does your advertising service have analytics?

   Answer:  No, we do not provide analytics.

   Question: Is your advertising targeted?

   Answer:  All our banners are set on random. We don't collect user information like that.

   Question: What is the advertising range on Static Colonies?

   Answer:  Static Colonies is set up like a strip mall and has multiple areas. One user could have an account in every section, or one user could have hundreds of accounts for "Niche" purposes. Static Colonies tries not to collect user data. In short, we don't have an answer on a correct range.