About Static Colonies


  This site only collects the bare minimum user information that it needs to operate.
  The information that is collected is not sold.
  Where legally possible, it is suggested to not use your real name, and to keep your personal information private.

  The site is in a constant process of improvement and although it works, it isn't finished.
  There are a lot of features that are set to be included but, unfortunately, more server resources are required.
  Do you enjoy the "Retro" look of the site?
  Don't be fooled by the late 90's appearance, the site is running on the most current software.

  Static Colonies is set up in a "Strip Mall" fashion.
  The main page is simply the main path to the other locations of the site.
  The different sections of the site are listed below, including information about that section.
Social Network:

   The social network on this site hosts several public and private communities.
   Public or private groups, and forums are a few of the sites popular social networking features.
   User profiles, private messaging, user blogs, status updates, profile feeds, and media albums are also included for users.
   Unlike other social networks, you are not forced to use your real name, as it is considered a huge breach of privacy online.
   Additionally, members are not forced to provide their Government Identification, or verify their phone numbers.


  Static TV:

   Static TV is another space on the internet where you are able to upload and share your videos.

  Static Academy:

  Static Academy is very similar to the Social Network but is more focused towards the education community.
  There are communities dedicated to several educational institutions, although they are not officially affiliated with any.
  A home schooling community is also featured in the Static Academy.


   The Dating Site section is a place where, hopefully, members can find a little romance in their lives.
   Sure, there are plenty of other online dating sites, but doesn't another one increase the odds of finding "true love"?



   The Marketplace section is where you can set up your own shop or see what other people are selling.



The Empire section of Static Colonies is a free web hosting service.
   Free and popular tools are available for anyone to create their own website.
   Unlike other sites that have "Web Builders" and other "Templates", members are free to create how they want.


  Cyber Discoveries:

   Cyber Discoveries is a place where visitors are able to share locations on the web and browse other visitors links.
   You earn credits while you tour the locations, and use those credits towards places you want others to visit.

Musical Chairs:

Musical Chairs is something like a music store but it has an ongoing contest that allows winners to win prizes.

   Static Colonies hosts a meeting place for those involved in Micro-Nationalism.
   Although not intended to be a "United Nations" for micronations, it exists mostly for their publicity and communications.



   The Micro-Worker section is a place where you can post small jobs ( gigs ), or find small jobs to make some extra money.


  Advertising Options:

   Advertising options are available. There is a program going on where you can get 1 banner for a year for 1 dollar.
   If you buy 10 banners, you get an extra 2 (12 total).
   The banners here run on random, we don't track users, limit users to one account, etc.
   We don't provide "stats" on your banner views, or other details like that.